Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm going to have to come up with clever titles with A in them

Here comes some more, party people. Big props go to Kyle for pointing out that ADULT. got a 6. from Pitchfork, which really makes me wonder why I have them in the first place. Do they have another album that is more acclaimed, to Rolling Stone orgasm all over them, were they opening for someone I was thinking of seeing? Whatever it is it's basically lame.

Al Green - Al Green's Greatest Hits

All right, supposed to be considered one of the greatest hits compilations ever, right? Sold millions of copies and one of the best representations of one of America's greatest singers ever, right? Well, it is, but after you start listening to it you realize that a lot of his songs follow this similar pattern, but in a good way. That's not to say that this is a bad album by any means, but it definitely sounds like one fluid album wherein I could listen to any of Al Green's songs and they would kind of all sound the same with this funk backing them up and his very great squeaky vocals that sound like if Lil Wayne was a crooner he would sing like this. Great great stuff, and we all have heard him before, so it's worth listening to. I'm reluctant when I get to the rest of his stuff, but always a great starting point.

Akron/Family - Akron Family

One of the earlier things I listened to before knowing I would start this blog, but I can't remember any of it. If I remember correctly it was moody and all right, but just didn't blow me away. I think I accidentally listened to the same track a couple of times without knowing it, which is a testament to how much the album all sounds the same. So we'll see what's in store.

Aliens - Astronomy For Dogs

The only reason I have this album is because it was the same band after The Beta Band broke up. And I haven't listened to any of them but have heard they're good, so of course I have this. I remember it being kind of catchy in certain parts and then being way too proggy for my tastes in others, so it's stuck in the middle. On one hand some of the songs were incredibly catchy in parts and had great ideas, and in other parts they just kind of went nowhere or I didn't even know where I was starting from.

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III

So here's my first album that is a major break from the Letter A obviously, and quite a good one at that. I might be the last person to finally listen to the whole thing, but it's quite good. Might be the best rap album to come out this year. I was never a real big fan of Lil Wayne before, don't know what his other major songs are and didn't really like his flow and especially his voice. His singing is the equivalent of Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, not what you'd expect at first and the hype kinda underwhelms the actual thing, but once listening it's actually quite a breath of fresh air in many ways. A lot of the songs are a lot more than the basic hoes and bros and guns and whatnot, more about emotions and what rap music is about and having good flow. And Lil Wayne's rhymes are some of the best I've heard in a while, making him a major force in the world of Rap especially when it's filled with so many imitators and boring guys that it's good to hear him. Standout tracks are the Summer-Hit "Lollipop," along with "A Milli" and anything on the album with Carter in the title. It's a really impressive album, and I didn't like Lil Wayne before, my only real knowledge of him before on the bad half of Kanye West's Graduation on "Barry Bonds." Lil Wayne is on a roll, I'm excited to get into his back catalog and see what he's done before, I'm sure there are a lot of gems in there that I'm excited to listen to. And he has a million bootlegs so we'll see which ones of those I notice, but he's got solid stuff so it will be fun.

I haven't even scratched the surface of my collection yet. We're not even to te AT bands yet for crying out loud, and I still have some back catalog of AC/DC to get through, so there's more of this to come. Hope people are enjoying it!

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Jaime Dollaga said...

i find it funny how lil wayne sounds like when you call someone really early in the morning and they sound all groggy. otherwise, he is quite entertaining