Friday, May 29, 2009

That's it! I'm gonna do it! Really!!11

All right people, all fans that are actually left out there. I'm doing this thing again, for reals this time, no joke gonna follow through whether I like it or not. I continue to postpone doing this, and with good excuses seeing as school was destroying all aspects of life and busy with other things, but now that things have died down I have no good excuse to not do this project again. A little less than a year later I'm finally getting around to it. Sigh.

I actually view this as a good thing because I think I've found a way to make this more entertaining and keep it manageable. I'm starting from the ground-up yet again, although not much has been done, and am going to try this one more time. Here is my idea for how this will work:

  • 1 album reviewed every day. This also means I have to LISTEN to the album, not from memory. Even though I've listened to Beatles' Revolver a thousand times I need to do it again to get a fresh perspective on this.
  • I'm going to go through the list alphabetically, but differently. By this I mean I'm going to review a band that starts with an A, review one of their ablums, then do a band that starts with B, and so on through the alphabet. This keeps me in line and also forces me to listen to stuff that I normally wouldn't, while at the same time gives a lot of variety so I'm not stuck listening to all of the Aerosmith and AC/DC all at once. That got old fast.
  • Every week I get to pick my own album to review on my own for getting through the other ones. Like a reward. So ever 6 letters I get through I choose my own album of my own picking.
  • I'll keep the scoring system because it's simple and keeps things in line, and a standout track as well for fun. I wish there was a better grading system but this will just have to do.
  • I plan on doing a weekly podcast for this as well. Really! Figuring out the format for doing that now and I'm going to need to get the ball rolling again on this first, but once I've gotten into a groove it will start.

With all that being said, my promise to you all, all 3 of you, that I will do this this time. This is it for reals. Last time school kept getting in the way, but once I get into a system of doing this and don't have school to get in the way I should have no excuse. So lets do it for reals this time and I thank people in advance for their patience and hope they enjoy what happens, and as always feedback of any form is always appreciated.

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